Terms and Conditions

I hereby authorize James Zetlen and the staff of sorryeverybody.com to print, publish (in any medium or form, including but not limited to print, electronic, etc.) the image including my likeness uploaded herein. "The image" hereafter refers to the JPG, GIF or PNG file uploaded to the sorryeverybody.com server using this submission form.

Use of the image by sorryeverybody.com and its assignees or licensees in any related manner or media is not subject to prior notice to or approval by me.

I warrant that the image is original and was created for the express purpose of submission to sorryeverybody.com and contains no copyrighted or trademarked material. I also warrant that I have obtained the permission of those individuals or legal guardians (committees if an incompetent) of any legal minors pictured in the image as well.

I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless James Zetlen, the staff of sorryeverybody.com, and its licensees against claims, damages and incumbent legal fees that may result from publishing the image and/or any infraction of the foregoing authorizations.

Neither I nor any other person appearing in the image who is giving permission herein, shall receive any compensation for the use of the image, from James Zetlen, sorryeverybody.com or otherwise.

I waive any right to inspect or approve any alterations to the image or any printed or electronic products that may be used with it.

I am at least 18 years of age and have read this release in its entirety. I understand its content, and I freely accept the terms.

(Plain English time. This form gives us the right to reproduce and use the pictures you give us to produce merchandise including the eventual sorryeverybody.com book. What you're giving up by checking the box and entering your name is your exclusive ownership of the picture, any right to sue me or anybody involved with our project for using the picture, any right to approve our usage of the picture before we use it, and any right to be paid in any way for using it, including but not limited to money, a free book, or a free anything else. We wish we could give everybody free books, but it's not within our means. We promise not to alter the content of your picture, misrepresent your intentions, publicize your identity, or give you little horns and a tail in your picture. We promise.)